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1655 N. 15th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Fax: 624-3015
How long has Swiss and Martin been in business?
The company was founded in Tucson, AZ in 1979. Our shutter manufacturing facility is now the largest in Arizona.

What types of shutters do you manufacture?
We manufacture “plantation-style” shutters with wide louvers. Customers may choose from 3.5 and 4.5 inch louvers.

What are your shutters made from?
All our shutters are manufactured from solid hardwood. We do not use any plastics or vinyl in our process.

What type of lumber do you use?
The lumber we use is Basswood, also known as Lindenwood, a standard of quality in our industry.

Why is Basswood superior to other types of lumber?
Basswood has a very low moisture content, but is not dry like cedar, so it will not crack. It is this low moisture content which allows us to construct our shutters from solid components only. We never laminate!

Why should I choose Swiss and Martin Shutters for my home?
Smart shoppers know that buying direct from the manufacturer always saves money. However, buying shutters directly from a local manufacturer also ensures that your shutters will be a durable window covering in our harsh southwest environment. Shutters manufactured in other states are not necessarily designed to withstand Arizona’s climate.
What is the most popular shutter you manufacture?
By far, our best-selling shutter is a 3.5 inch louver in a textured finish, allowing you to see the grain of the wood, painted your choice of color.

What color should my shutters be painted?
We recommend color-matching your shutters to your wall paint or trim paint color. We can match any color, you simply provide us with the brand and color name of your paint.

Can my shutters be stained?
Yes, but in the harsh sun of Arizona, a stained finish will fade and discolor. Our painted shutters are much more durable in this southwestern climate, and have a finish warranty of 10 years.

Do you offer a lifetime warranty on your shutters?
Yes, all the components are warranted for as long as you own your home. Our warranty covers warping, which some companies’ warranties exclude.

Can shutters be used on Sliding Glass Doors?
Yes!  We use a bi-folding application of shutter panels across the opening, which ensures long life for the shutters and ease of use.  Shutters are very attractive on Sliding Glass Doors and very easy to open.

How do you cover arched windows?
The arched portion of  the window is covered with a fan-shaped shutter known as a sunburst. All the louvers in our sunbursts turn, allowing you to adjust the amount of light coming in through the arched area.

How long will it take for my order to be manufactured?
Every shutter we make is a custom product from raw lumber to finished window covering. Therefore, our lead times can vary. Your sales representative can provide you with this week’s lead time.
Manufactured in Tucson Since 1979
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